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Garlic Directory - our varieties for 2017

We have our garlic for sale each year as soon as we have harvested it.
Supplies are strictly limited. If you would like to be kept up-to-date with our current availability, please register for our email Newsletter - and you'll be the first to know! We'll update the 'buy garlic' page with availability and pictures of each variety as we harvest them. To buy garlic - please visit us at a market / retailer or contact us. Also, as in previous years, our seed garlic is available through
Dario (Iberian) In season June to January.
An excellent all-purpose garlic with a powerful flavour,
a close relative of the Iberian.
Plant October-November
Garlic Availability
We are expecting our first garlic of this year in June - keep an eye on this website, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on twitter to get the latest updates.
Chesnok ­(Hardneck)
In season June to January.
Warm and spicy with length of flavour.
Makes great garlic bread. Origins in the Ukraine near Kiev.
Plant October-November
Pink Marble - a lovely `marble` hardneck from Eastern Europe with superb flavour and large cloves.
An excellent alternative to Lautrec
Albigensian (currently unavailable)
In season late June to February.
Quite mild but a good flavour. A heritage variety, grown by the Cathars in SW France in the 13th century.
Plant October-November
Elephant garlic ­
Nearer to the leek family, this produces very big, mild cloves, which can be roasted, baked, pureed, etc., to add something a little unusual to your cooking.
Plant September-October
Provence. (currently unavailable)
In season mid June-Dec.
A large early white bulb, big cloves, ideal for cooking
Plant Sept-Jan
Large White
A new large 'hardneck' variety with unusual large cloves (3 - 5 cloves per bulb). Smaller than the Elephant garlic but with a strong flavour same as other garlics.
Currently unavailable - sorry.
Avram Czech (hardneck)
A large, strong-flavoured 'hardneck', a connoisseur garlic.
Early Pink Marble (hardneck)
A small bulb with a firey flavour, our first to harvest at the end of May.
Currently unavailable - sorry.
Arno (softneck)
The best of our 'storers' - will keep for a full 10 months.
Lautrec Rose
Regarded as the best, and the original Lautrec. Amazing flavour and a good storer
Grey Shallot
This is a rare shallot, with pungent onion and garlic flavour! Sought-after by chefs - some say this is the only true shallot.
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