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We are delighted to introduce these great new products to make your garlic preparation even easier! Whether you want to press, slice, crush, grate or peel your garlic - we have a handy gadget to help.
Buy online safely and securely via Paypal - we ship mail-order purchases once per week on Thursdays - or buy from us at our market stall and save the postage & packing costs.
If you'd rather not use Paypal - just phone us with your details & we'll take your credit card info over the phone.
Garlic Press
This stylish stainless-steel garlic press, with comfortable rubber handles and an 'easy-clean' feature, makes short work of crushing your garlic.

15 (incl IRL p&p)
Garlic Slicer
This handy garlic slicer, with  stainless-steel blades is simple to use. Just place the garlic cloves in side, and a simple twisting action creates perfectly-sliced garlic, every time. Comes complete with a Silicon Peeler.

11 (incl IRL p&p)
Garlic Twister 1
This all-plastic garlic twister crushes two cloves, with a simple twisting action.

8.50 (incl IRL p&p)
Garlic Twister 2
This all-plastic garlic twister (little brother to Twister 1 above) crushes a single garlic clove, with a simple twisting action.

5 (incl IRL p&p)
Garlic Grater
A simple-but-clever plastic garlic grater. Rub your garlic clove against the plastic 'teeth' for perfectly-grated garlic.
Assorted colours.

4.50 (incl IRL p&p)
Garlic Silicon Peeler
A fast, easy way to remove the skin from your garlic cloves. Just pop a clove inside, and roll firmly on the table-top - job done! Assorted colours & designs.

5.50 (incl IRL p&p)
Stainless Steel 'Soap'
A bar of solid stainless steel 'soap' - just rub on your hands under running water to remove garlic, fish and other odours from your hands. Lasts for ever.

10 (incl IRL p&p)
Garlic by Post!
We can post our garlic direct to you!
Please see our 'buy garlic' page for full details and to order.

Garlic Greetings Cards
- a 5 pack of mixed designs created by local artist Annie. Blank inside. Also available as individual signed limited-edition prints.
See for more of Annie's work and contact details.

15 for 5 cards (incl IRL p&p)
Sorry Sold Out
more stock in soon.
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Sorry Sold Out
more stock in soon.
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