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Using Garlic - hints & tips

Storing Garlic

Garlic needs a dry, light, warmish environment. Hanging up
or in an open jar or garlic pot away from any sources of steam in your
kitchen is ideal.
Never keep garlic in the fridge. The cold and dark will cause the cloves to

Using Garlic

The characteristic aroma and taste of garlic are produced by a
chemical reaction which takes place when the cell walls are broken by
crushing, chopping, biting, etc.

Crushing: this breaks down all the cells and releases the strongest flavour.
Raw crushed garlic also delivers the maximum health benefits.
When using crushed garlic in vinaigrette, wait a few seconds for the
chemical reaction to take place before adding to the vinegar/lemon juice.
When adding crushed garlic to cooked dishes, add it towards the end of
cooking for the strongest flavour.

Chopping: gives a milder taste. Frying slices lightly in oil gives them a
sweet and nutty flavour.

Cooking whole cloves: no chemical reaction takes place, so the flavour is
very mild, and different from crushed garlic. Whole cloves roasted in their
skins have a sweet, delicious, caramelisd taste.

Garlic and Health

To get the best benefits, you should eat garlic raw.
One of the superfoods, garlic contains powerful anti-oxidants and has
antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties.
It is useful in treating mild intestinal infections, e.g. diarrhoea, and
lung infections, e.g. bronchitis.
It is important in cardiovascular health as it improves circulation, lowers
cholesterol levels and high blood pressure and helps prevent thrombosis.
Its antioxidants protect the body from cell damage and cancer.

Be aware that raw garlic can be very strong. It is safest to take it with
other food, e.g. on bread or mixed with honey or as part of a meal.
Some people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome find that garlic and
onions exacerbate their symptoms. For more information, see our 'health benefits' page.

Cleaning your hands!

We find that if we rinse our hands immediately after preparing garlic, the
smell doesn't linger. However, if it bothers you, help is at hand.

We have found a supplier for stainless steel 'soap', which we offer for sale
on our accessories page.
There is a theory that one or more of the metals that make up stainless
steel attracts the sulphur compounds which make your hands smell.
Just rub it over your hands under water and the smell should disappear.

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